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Press Releases

Malaysian Construction and Contract Law

fidic_a_guide_for_practitioners.jpgProviding a commentary on the 1999 FIDIC forms of contract including the FIDIC Red, Yellow, Silver, White and new 2008 Gold Book. Malaysian construction professionals together with employers will find this book a great reference.

In addition to providing explanations to the terms, phrases and features of the various contracts making up the FIDIC suite of contracts there are explanations on the English legal terminology and its context in respect in of common law much of which remains applicable in Malaysia.

The book covers pre-contractual and contractual issues and the management of FIDIC contracts and offers support in interpreting and understanding the contract terms and contract procedures as to variations, tests, payment certificates, taking-over cases, claims and dispute resolution features. It includes flow charts, glossaries, checklists and sample letters. Readers will also find helpful information on civil law jurisdictions and civil law concepts.

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